Maestro is directed by David Donnelly and is airing on networks spanning five continents.  It is also available on Itunes.

Nordic Pulse is a feature length documentary starring Kristjan Järvi and the Baltic Sea Philharmonic.

Not So Classical is a hybrid film/concert series featuring an array of artists and orchestras from across the globe.  

The "High Done No Why To" project marks the Grammy winning ensemble group's first official music video.  Directed by David Donnelly.    

Vitali Variations is a music directed by David Donnelly starring violinist Tatiana Berman.  It is airing in 26 countries.

Forte is a feature length documentary directed and produced by David Donnelly.

Take a Breath is a hybrid film concert collaboration between saxophonist Amy Dickson and filmmaker David Donnelly.  

Gabe is executive produced by David Donnelly.  It premiered at the Whitney Museum in early 2016.  

"Bipolar," is part of an experimental video art series by David Donnelly.

A Call to Minds is a multi-platform exploration of culture and consciousness. This will ultimately exists as a web-series, podcast, book, touring exhibit, and documentary feature.